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Frequently Asked Questions

Please explain exactly what Intelligent Compliance do?
Now that is a great question. We provide an online service to any industry, or business, wishing to track specific items or assets. This may simply be:
  • A good business practice,
  • As evidence to defend legal actions due to the breaching of specific or industry related requirements,
  • Time & attendance reports for staff,
To track specific items such as portable equipment. We use:
  • Smartphone technology
  • Apps we have developed (that are downloaded to a Smartphone)
  • QR codes that are placed on specific items
  • Scan-sets are conducted regularly (scanning the QR codes)
Designed for any industry, or to track specific items, such as:
  • Mandatory signage, for any industry, but initially designed for:
  • Liquor industry in all Australian states,
  • Time & Attendance applications in a multitude of industries,
  • Security industry throughout Australia,
  • Work health & safety,
  • Child care,
  • Aged care,
  • Asset management of all types of business equipment,
  • Aviation industry,
  • Mining
Who is behind Intelligent Compliance
We have 3 Directors: 2 are silent partners:
  1. A liquor licensing lawyer with 20 + years’ experience
  2. Website developer for 20 years/operated an online subscription business for 12 years
  • John Mead:
  • 50 years’ experience in licensed premises and VET Sector training
    • 30 years as a liquor license – 7 licences
    • 20 years as an industry consultant
    • 15 years as a Vocational Trainer (RSA Trainer for 10 years)
    • 6 years as CEO of a NSW RTO (Registered Training Organisation)
    • Director of Bar Guardians since 2009
Who came up with the Intelligent Compliance concept:
Our clients. Over many years they made us well aware of their difficulties with compliance.
The new “Risk-based license fee scheme has been described as a “Cash grab”. WHY?
Liquor licensing lawyer David Sylvester was reported in “The Shout” on 4/07/2014 as saying a “Cash grab as a single breach could increase the annual fee for a pub from $500 to $11,500”
How many breaches, and the total in fines, issued to NSW licensed premises in the 4 years prior to the introduction of the new “risk-based” licence fee scheme?
  • 4,348 non-compliance breaches
  • $2.4M + in fines were issued
Information obtained under Freedom of Information; NSW Police Force – Information Access & Subpoena Unit (Dated 15/04/2013, 21/01/2014 & 11/02/2015)
How long do scan sets take?
  • Premises with NO gaming machines; under 5 minutes
  • Hotels & Clubs with 30 gaming machines; around 15-20 minutes
Remember they are quicker than any paper based system, with Reports, and Affirmations online, anywhere, anytime
Available online, anywhere, anytime. Reports provide the evidence to management, or as evidence to defend a breach matter. “This is to certify that information provided from a compliance check conducted on ; ..Date.. and completed, an employee of ..The Business name”. “The premises demonstrated its compliance with all mandatory signs for it’s licence type” “Emailed to licensee: date, date, Time”
A declaration that your premises is complying with its legal responsibilities. We recommend that Affirmations are conducted at least once a month. Affirmations provide further evidence for your business.
How often should I conduct scan-sets?
This is entirely up to the licensee. However we recommend:
  • Premises with NO gaming machines; at least once a month
  • Hotels & Clubs with 30 gaming machines; at least once each week
  • They can be conducted weekly, monthly or every change of shift
||My premise is small, why do I need this?||
It is to ensure you comply, AND to be able to prove your compliance with your legal requirements as a licensee
How long does the set-up take?
REMEMBER 1; this whole process is to gather evidence to use in your possible defense, so it is a most important process. It depends on the size of your premises, however; Premises with NO gaming machines; allow 15 to 20 minutes. Hotels and Clubs with 30 gaming machines; allow up to 1 hour. REMEMBER 2; if you need help, call us to assist; 9299  1867